Scary People

The kind of weirdos your mother warned you about. You always hear horror stories about the freaks, weirdos, perverts and stalkers who lurk on the internet. Yes, folks, they’re out there! Luckily, these dregs of society are pretty obvious. Could you even imagine responding to these? The really frightening aspect is that these people are around us — at least on the internet we can spot them!

Please note, the responses in this category are beyond offensive. They are not shown to promote this kind of behavior in any way, only to realistically show you what you might get by placing even the most innocent of personal ads. If you find these offensive — YOU SHOULD! Just be glad they weren’t written to YOU!

Scary People: Oral B

A few too many guys are believing what they read in Penthouse or see in porno movies… and think that any woman with a computer is looking to cyber-score. You’d THINK by the time a guy reached the age of 36, he’d have interacted with (or at least been rejected by) enough REAL-LIFE women to […]