Reality Check

Upon reading their emails, the initial reaction is usually “Yeah, right.” There’s a lot of these creatures roaming the web. They’re frightening, but mostly harmless. For whatever reason, these people seem to think they are just the cream of the crop, the cat’s meow, and a hoot and a holler to boot. They are the stupid people who think they’re smart, the unattractive who think they’re “da bomb,” the obese who think they’re athletic, and the dull who think they are witty. Every now and then, they are: (E) All of the above.

Reality Check: Turkey??

A little disclaimer here — Yes, it seems we do make fun of foreigners on this site. But, it’s not that they’re foreign or look and talk different from us, it’s because they live too frickin’ far away to possibly have any kind of relationship! Honestly… You know if this guy found my ad and […]

Reality Check: Dr. Jay

I just gotta LOVE these guys who say they’re doctors or lawyers… and managed to make it all the way thru law and/or med school with no communication, spelling, typing or social skills. In response to: Wit and Sarcasm Out The Wazoo   Dear: I saw your advertisement on web and found some interesting stuff. I […]

Reality Check: Macho Man

Do these people REALLY talk like this??? “I got curious” and “girls have found me a real macho”? HUH??? Date:Sat, 23 Oct 1999 12:28:35 -0700 In response to: In Three Easy Steps   Hi there ..seems like ur wait is over! ’cause I got curious on your profile. Well girls have found me a real macho! […]