Just Plain Ick

“Oh, YUCK!” That’s usually the first response to an “icky” e-mail. I don’t offend easily, a fact in which I take great pride, but these guys just really took the cake. Other men cringe at just how vulgar these are. These are guys who obviously feel that all women are just aching with lust for them… or that all women who look for love online are so desperate, depraved, and depressed, they’d actually fall for this line of bull!

Just Plain Ick: Eww

Well, at least he read HALF my ad, but… Ewww…. That’s all I can say… Ewww. Subject: Lovemaking In response to: Wit and Sarcasm Out The Wazoo   Forget the romantic walks, beaches…I want to spend most of my time making love to you, posing nude for you, and doing sensual things that delight both our […]