Dating Advice

I’m a burger. Eat me.

Ahhhh… Internet dating. Once the last resort for losers, now an accepted, common way for normal people to meet other normal people. It’s been over a dozen years since I’ve last had a dating profile, but running dating sites since then, I’ve kept in the loop. It’s changed since then, but not much. The biggest […]

Internet Dating 101

Here’s a handful of important things to keep in mind when you’re answering or placing a personal’s ad. If you’re involved in any kind of internet dating, you’ll want to read this! Get an anonymous email account. You don’t want every person to whom you write to know your full name, and possibly where you […]


It shouldn’t come to a surprise to you that some people lie about things, especially when they meet online. On the internet, you can pretend to be anything you want to be – young, fit, attractive, rich, smart (well, they pretend, but it’s harder to fake!). Not that such people don’t exist… So, how do […]

Personal Ad Pitfalls

I’ve heard a lot of people griping that they didn’t get responses, or the kind of responses they wanted, from their personal ad. Granted, there’s a lot of people out there who will write to anyone, compatibility be damned! But there’s also some little things you can do to make your ad perform better. Let’s […]

Making a Connection

Great! You’ve placed an ad, or answered an ad, and got a response (or several) that sound like someone you’d like to get to know. Now what? Here’s some tips on getting the ball rolling, and eventually meeting face to face. In the beginning especially, it’s good to include a bit (or all) of the […]